Preparing and empowering Jewish students and their allies to address today’s most challenging issues of antisemitism and anti-Israel bias on campus.

Antisemitism on college campuses is rising at an alarming rate and young adults are ill equipped to manage the challenges they may face. Most are unaware of  organizations on campus that engage in Jewish life. In response, TribeTalk provides workshops and resources for high school so they can research and compare Jewish life on multiple college campuses. In addition, TribeTalk produces insightful webinars and podcasts that present different experience of Jewish life on campus as well as in-depth discussions on relevant issues.

Antisemitism Workshops

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Our workshops educate students about antisemitism so that when they SEE something, they know how and when to SAY something, and feel empowered to DO something.

Judaism is joyful and we need to remind ourselves to stand proudly as Jews and not allow Jew Hate to be tolerated in any format.

July 2024
Jewish Journal of Greater Boston

Jewish summer camps navigate how to include Israel in the program

June 2024

Jewish Camps Prepare for a Different Kind of Summer

girls playing at summer camp

In the aftermath of Oct. 7 and the war in Gaza, campers and staffers alike will be addressing Israel and antisemitism in new ways. TribeTalk is quoted in the article.

June 2024
Good People Talk

For Jewish Students, Navigating Surging Antisemitism on Campus

Since Oct 7, colleges are flashpoints of antisemitism and anti-Zionism. In this podcast Jude Sydney and Robin Friedman, TribeTalk co-founders, speak with Good People Fund (GPF) Executive Director Naomi Eisenberger about how TribeTalk is meeting the moment with urgency and impact.

April 2024
eJewish Philanthropy

Our kids remain unprepared during this unprecedented time. We need to fix that.

eJewishPhilanthropy Robin Friedman OpEd

In a new opinion piece published in eJewish Philanthropy, TribeTalk’s co-founder, Robin Friedman, makes the argument that high school students stepping onto college campuses today – particularly in the wake of October 7th – are unprepared to deal with the unprecedented scope of antisemitism and anti-Israel bias.

March 2024
On the Mic with Jordan Rich

Battling Antisemitism

This podcast hosted by Jordan Rich deals with the alarming rise of virulent antisemitism across the world and here at home, much of it in the U.S. unfolding in our classrooms and on college campuses.  Scholar-Warrior Dr. Rachel Fish, co-founder of the nonprofit Boundless organization,, and TribeTalk’s co-founder Robin Friedman discuss the role social media plays in spreading lies and hate, why antisemitism has had a resurgence particularly among younger demographics and positive ways to address the issue.