Antisemitism Workshops

New release of antisemitism workshop initiative!

TribeTalk is thrilled to be offering a variety of workshops on antisemitism as part of our growing curriculum resources initiative that empowers students to navigate the challenges they may face as Jewish students in high school, college and beyond. Currently, we learned there is nothing in the field of Jewish education that addresses this very accessible approach to inform our students in a practical way of why having the knowledge of antisemitism is important to inform them on how, when and why to respond should they encounter antisemitism.

Why did we create this new workshop on antisemitism?

We have created a variety of different workshops of varying lengths because we learned in talking with many education experts, students and their parents, that they feel ill prepared to deal with the rise of Jew hate that they are experiencing in high school and college.

We want our students to become better educated on the history of antisemitism, how to recognize it and how and when to respond if they see it. Our ultimate goal is to educate our students about antisemitism so that when they SEE something, they know how and when to SAY something, and feel empowered to DO something.

Judaism is joyful and we need to remind ourselves that we need to stand proudly as Jews and not allow Jew Hate to be tolerated in any format.

What have we created?

We have curated several different formats, with varying lengths and content in each curriculum for an educator/teen professional to present to students/parents/community audience created by experts in the field of antisemitism.

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Who is the audience?

Open to high schoolers and above, their parents, teen/professional educators and all types of learners. These workshop offers how to have a better deeper understanding of the thousand year old history of antisemitism and how it intersects with anti-Zionism. How to identify antisemitism and to know what to do and where to go for resources to help one navigate the challenges if encountered.

Workshop materials

Each workshop is designed to be either in-person or virtual presentation on zoom and includes the following:

Is there a fee?

All inquiries will be reviewed on a case by case basis with an appropriate workshop fee for your organization, synagogue and/or community.

Does this sound like you want to take the next step and explore more?

The next step is to contact us. We can answer questions and help you get on your way to offering your students, your parents, your congregation… these interactive and engaging workshops which address one of today’s most challenging issues facing our Jewish community today.