Being a part of the TribeTalk Initiative helped strengthen my understanding and knowledge about issues that affect the Jewish people on a large scale and as a rising senior applying to college in the fall the topic of Jewish identity on college campus is particularly important and relevant to me.

Lucas H.

Boston, High School Senior

As a rising junior I had not yet begun to create my ‘college list’. Being involved with TribeTalk, and conducting research about Judaism on college campuses, assured me that I will be able to find a Jewish community wherever I go. My involvement with TT allowed me to see, first-hand, the multitude of data that needs to be collected in order to create a user-friendly website that students will utilize.

Sophie P.

Boston, High School Junior

We have more power than we realize and one small conversation with someone about Israeli politics or love of Judaism could make all the difference in someone’s perspective on the world.

Arielle L.

Brandeis ’22

Two of my favorite parts of TribeTalk’s work are its student stories and college comparison. The student stories include unique stories from college students across the country about Jewish life on campus. TribeTalk’s college database focuses on Jewish life on campus including the number of synagogues on campus, various Israeli clubs, Kosher food accessibility and the like and allows students to easily cross-compare potential schools through a Jewish lens. It was very rewarding when my younger sister, who is a senior in high school, used the TribeTalk college comparison feature that I had worked on. It helped her find the school that was the best fit for her, and I could not be more excited as she embarks on her new college journey through work I was directly involved in.

Ashley S.

University of Michigan ’24