Empowering students to navigate Jewish life on campus

Antisemitism on college campuses is rising at an alarming rate and young adults are ill equipped to manage the challenges they may face. Most are unaware of  organizations on campus that engage in Jewish life. In response, TribeTalk provides resources for high school seniors so they can research and compare Jewish life on multiple college campuses. In addition, TribeTalk produces insightful webinars and podcasts that present different experience of Jewish life on campus as well as in-depth discussions on relevant issues.

Webinars and Podcasts

Webinars and Podcasts for information and inspiration

Antisemitism Workshops

Our workshops educate students about antisemitism
so that when they SEE something,
they know how and when to SAY something,
and feel empowered to DO something.
Judaism is joyful and we need to remind ourselves to stand proudly as Jews and not allow Jew Hate to be tolerated in any format.