Dana Ponsky

Dana Ponsky

Eydie Balsam

Eydie Balsam

October 2022

Searching for a college through a Jewish lens

Eydie Balsam and Dana Ponsky

Our session can help you think about college as it relates to your Jewish life on campus.

More than just how many Jewish students on campus, we will explore:

  • different Jewish organizations,
  • important offices to be aware of and more.

This dynamic webinar with 2 college admissions counselors will present critical issues that Jewish high school students should consider when applying to and choosing colleges. They will both share a unique perspective about the process of applying to college in today’s campus climate and offer key takeaways to keep top of mind during the entire process.

You will be able to ask questions and discuss college-related matters with this panel of incredible college counselors! Join us!




Dana Ponsky’s unique background in college and graduate school admissions, career counseling, and student development services at both the high school and collegiate level, along with her entrepreneurial endeavors spans nearly twenty years. This perspective provides 9th -12th students, college students, and families, based in the US and abroad, with the tools and resources to learn not just what it takes to have a great application to get into college, but most importantly, what is needed to ensure long-term success in college and beyond.

For more information, visit Dana Ponsky’s website.

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