Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

May 2022

Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism on the College Campus

Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

In this session, Dr. Samantha Meinrath-Vinokor will take participants through the top ten items to know and think about in this arena in order to be more informed as you navigate Jewish college life.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

What is Antisemitism?  What is anti-Zionism? What is the Nakba? When does criticism about Israel become antisemitism?  What is an apartheid wall and week? What do I do if I encounter antisemitism/anti-Zionism? What if I am approached and asked to be the spokesperson for Israel?


Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath is a lifelong Jewish educator and learner. As an expert on Jewish teens, Generation Z, experiential education, Israel, and questions of Jewish identity, Samantha comes equipped with the right questions to help learners find the answers that resonate with them. She is on a lifelong mission to inspire conversations that move Jewish journeys forward and is passionate about connecting with learners and communities around the world. Samantha currently serves as the Senior Director of Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning at the Jewish Education Project, teaches at Gratz College, and is constantly brainstorming about the Jewish past, present, and future.

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