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Oberlin College

23% Jewish

Jewish students

Total undergrads


ADL Antisemitism
Campus Report Card

Community Life

Jewish Sororities
Johnson House (a Jewish Studies program residence)
Pro-Israel Related Clubs
Oberlin Zionists
Other Israel Related Clubs
Students for a Free Palestine
Jewish Voice for Peace
Has a Birthright Trip
Arts and Culture
ChALLaH cappella
Jewish Student Union
Oberlin Jews of Color
Queer Jews and Allies

Religious Life

Communal Groups
Religious Services
Friday night services at Hillel
Friday night services at Chabad
Saturday morning services at Chabad
High Holidays at Hillel
High Holidays at Chabad
Shabbat Dinners
Kosher Food/Meals
Kosher food options are available via Oberlin Hillel and Chabad at Oberlin. Heritage Kitchen is a kosher dining option, created through a partnership between AVI Kitchen and Chabad at Oberlin. It provides a kosher menu to 400 students per week and is available to all students through the college's dining meal plan. The menu is designed for people who keep kosher but is open to all students. It operates on the same schedule as the dining hall to make sure it is easily accessible for students who keep kosher. Heritage Kitchen is meat/pareve (does not serve dairy).

Academic Life

Jewish Studies
Major and Minor
Study Aboard in Israel