Learn about the different organizations that may exist connecting you to a meaningful Jewish life on campus

AIPAC aims to engage with and educate politicians on how it is in the US’ best interest to strengthen the bonds between the US and Israel and to “help ensure that the Jewish state remains safe, strong and secure” through promoting a pro-Israel, anti-terrorist, two-state solution political agenda.


Aish on Campus works to engage and educate today’s young Jewish adults in order that they live inspired Jewish lives, making active positive contributions to Jewish communities. They provide a variety of opportunities for students to meet like-minded young Jews, to gain greater Jewish knowledge and to form lasting relationships with Jewish mentors and role models.


Akiva offers the Classic trip to Israel, Pre-War Jewry and historical trip to Poland, and deepen your Judaism while exploring NYC for ages 18-30.

ALT’s goal is to provide college students or recent college graduates with an internship in Israel combined with a deeper exploration of Israel.

Alums for campus fairness

Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) is America’s unified alumni voice on issues of anti-Semitism, demonization of Israel and of bigotry. With over 35 chapters, ACF utlizes alumni on the front lines addressing key issues at their alma maters to ensure that their universities remain open to dialogue and where equal opportunity exists for all students.

Birthright, is a non-profit educational organization that sponsors free ten-day heritage trips to Israel for young adults (ages 18-32) grounded in deepening one’s connection to the land and people of Israel.

Camera founded in 1982 serves as the leading media monitoring, organization ensuring accurate and balanced reporting of activities happening in Israel and the middle east. Camera on campus provides assistance to students that includes guidance in finding and connecting with speakers, films, planning and creating events, funding for student groups, and addressing Middle East distortions in campus publications, fliers, rallies, and classroom teaching. Camera encourages Jews and non-Jews to understand that strong Zionist’s do not have to be Jewish.

Chabad on Campus

Chabad-Lubavitch’s national campus foundation. The Chabad-Lubavitch movement is spreading a culture of community, kindness and enlightenment. With homes on more than 260 campuses worldwide Jewish students can chill and connect. The Chasidic-run houses nurture social, educational and spiritual enlightenment. No judgment, just joy.

Challah for Hunger

Founded in 2004, Challah for Hunger has brought students on campus together to foster connections, deepen relationships with each other all in the spirit of baking and selling bread to help those in need or who might suffer from food insecurity.


Hasbara Fellowships is a leading pro-Israel advocacy organization working with over 95 universities across North America. Hasbara Fellowships brings hundreds of students to Israel every summer and winter, giving them the information and tools to return to their campuses as educators about Israel.


Hillel International is a pluralistic welcoming community that helps people find Jewish connection through social action, Israeli policy, participating in services, attending Shabbat dinners or Passover Seders. Students can meet and interact with other Jewish students locally and from around the world through a variety of online and in person opportunities.

If Not Now

If Not Now is a pro BDS supporter and a progressive movement of Jewish activists trying to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel on Campus

Israel on Campus Coalition is designed to inspire American college students to see Israel as a source of pride and empower them to stand up for Israel on campus by uniting the many pro-Israel campus organizations in different ways.

Itrek is a nonprofit that helps and guides graduate students and faculty at top universities in leading their peers in a 7-10 day trip to Israel focused on developing leadership skills and a deeper understanding of Israel.

Jewish Voices for Peace

Jewish Voice for Peace is a pro BDS supporter and views itself as the “Jewish wing” of the Palestinian solidarity movement and seeks to “end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.

Note: Pro BDS


The goal of JHP is to engage with and energize individuals not normally involved in Jewish communal activities, through peer-to-peer progamming, participate in activities that celebrate Jewish pride and tradition and helps individuals understand their own ability to have an impact in making the world a better place.

Maccabee Task Force

Macabeets Taskforce was founded in 2015 specificially to combat anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism targeted at those that support the BDS movement. They educate students on the history and on the tactics to respond.


Co-founded by Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) Masa bring young adults (18-30) to Israel for 2-12 months for myriad of experiences. Gap Year, Study Abroad, Intern or Volunteer in Israel, Jewish Studies, Teach English in Israel, Summer Programs.

New Voices

Founded in 1991, New Voices is a Jewish non-profit national magazine written by and for Jewish college students.

Onward Israel

Develop your professional future and build your resume this summer with a high-level internship in the field of your choice in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa. This custom internship program places you in a work place based on your skills, interests and future plans. Each week features a day trip devoted to learning about Israeli society.

Religious Action Center

For over 60 years, the Religious Action Center (RAC) of Reform Judaism has been the central address to educate, advocate and mobilize the Jewish community on a myraid of issues: Disability, Economic justice, Healthcare, Immigration, Women’s Rights, Gun Violence, LGBTQ+, AntiSemitism and Hate Crimes and more. They offer leadership opportunites for students to develop their skills as young leaders to go on and help advocate for fairness and combat injustices in the world.

Stand With Us

Stand with Us is an international ogranization that educates people of all ages on the challenges of antisemitism and antizionism. They provides workshops, fellowships and campus programs to help students be more informed on how to be better advocates for Israel ane the Jewish people.

Student Allicance For Israel

Student Alliance for Israel is a grassroots organization that reflects the diversity of Israel and the Jewish people, and of their allies. They prepare their national membership base to engage Israel’s detractors face to face to expose their lies and to educate supporters of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) campaign about the Jewish peoples’ indigenous roots and their right to self-determination in Israel.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine is a Pro BDS Supporter and pro-Palestinian college student activism organization in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Note: Pro BDS

Students Supporting Israel

SSI movement is an international group that works to be a “clear and confident pro-Israel voice on college campuses, and to support students in grassroots advocacy.” Primarily fight for the right of Israel to exist as a nation and to educate college students on why Israel matters.

Tamid Group

Tamid Group is an on campus business group that provides experiential learning in partnership with Israeli innnovation.


WUJS helps to connect Jewish students on local campuses across the world to ensure their voices as Jewish students are heard.